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Listing summary

Prout Snow Goose 37 elite catamaran

Job ref: 519151 Date listed: 10/05/2017
Bids: 1 (0 active) Lowest bid: £1,460.00


Collect from:

Emsworth PO United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Preston PR United Kingdom


Approx. 266 miles


Flexible on collection date


Flexible on delivery date

Listing description

Boat type: Multihull
Dimensions: 11.30 x 4.95 x 12.00 m
Is it on a trailer? No
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
yachtdelivery (1) £1,460.00 11/05/2017 Accepted


Question: Hello,
is she ready for skipper delivery?
Mark - yachtdelivery (11/05/2017)
Response: Yes she's ready to go :)
Question: Hello,
that's good.
When do you need to move your yacht?
I already placed a bid for all included skipper delivery (except initial full fuel tank)
YachDelivery - yachtdelivery (12/05/2017)
Response: I need it moving the last week in may, paid up until 31st so Monday 29th would be great, if not as close as possible.
Kind Regards
Is it possible for my Dad to join you?
Question: Hello Natalie,
ok, understand. Let me check which of our teams will be available to start delivery before May 31st. Come back to you soon ....
Mark - yachtdelivery (12/05/2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi again,
OK, checked and it's possible. We'll change some plans and teams and we can start before May 31st from Emsworth.
All skippers are experienced yachtmasters.
Any questions - please feel free to ask
Have a nice weekend,
Mark - yachtdelivery (12/05/2017)
Response: Thank you, you too :)

Is it possible for my Dad to join you for the journey?

Kind regards
Question: Hello Natalie,
yes, of course. We have 2-3 persons teams. In this case 3 persons. Snowgoose 37 Elite has 5 beds so, your Dad can invite also a friend.
We'll sail at day and night time. Stops when wind in forecasts reach 25 knots or more, because we have to deliver your boat safe, not test her hull, sails and rigging strength :)
Best Regards,
Mark - yachtdelivery (13/05/2017)
Response: That's great, thank you :)
Would you like me to book on here, do you need to see the boat?
Would you like me to book on here, do you need to see the boat?
Also do I need to provide the maps for the journey and roughly how long will it take?

Kind regards
Question: Hello Natalie,

yes, book here, please. It's the only way to know our contact details.
We don't need to see your boat if she is seaworthy and ready for this this passage. I'll need only some details, later like best rpm, when oil filters were changed, etc.
We have up to date electronic Navionics charts and set of printed Imray charts except C61 and C62 (I'll buy them). We have also 2017 Reeds Almanac with tides, currents and ports descriptions and charts.
Kind Regards,
Mark - yachtdelivery (16/05/2017)
Response: Ok thanks Mark, I'll get it booked.
Question: Thank you very much, Natalie - yachtdelivery (16/05/2017)
Response: No response yet