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Listing summary

stainless steel fishing tackle goods

Job ref: 394130 Date listed: 23/04/2016
Consignment type: Commercial freight
Total weight: 60.00 kg Total cubic volume: 0.31 m³
Bids: 4 (0 active) Lowest bid: £289.00


Collect from:


Collection location type:

Business (with loading bay or forklift)

Deliver to:

Birmingham B United Kingdom

Delivery location type:

Residential address


Within 4-8 weeks


Flexible on delivery date

Listing description

Description Parcels / Documents
Quantity 6
Dimensions 0.41 x 0.35 x 0.36 m
Weight 10.00 kg (60.00kg)
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
logistics-worldwide (15) £289.00 (Not Included) 24/04/2016 Accepted
express_couriers (134) £410.00 (Not Included) 25/04/2016 Declined
shipping247 (12) £670.00 (Not Included) 24/04/2016 Declined
shipping247 (12) £780.00 (Not Included) 23/04/2016 Replaced
Included = Includes applicable surcharges. Not Included = Excludes applicable surcharges.
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